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Forging Capabilities

Combining the latest in engineering and simulation software with hammer and press machinery.

Carbo Forge is a closed-die impression forging company that services its customers with quality steel forgings using a “high production job shop” mentality. This high-production, job-shop mentality affords the flexibility for our forging company to take on business ranging in quantity from 5,000 pieces to upwards of 1 million+ parts per part number. Utilizing both press and hammer machinery, Carbo Forge can forge a wide variety of configurations maxing out at the 15-pound gross weight of forging.

This forging flexibility has led to a diverse customer portfolio with an assortment of industries served. Additionally, having the proactive vision and inclination to adopt and implement new systems and technology has led to a comprehensive understanding of process and quality control.

Examples include being one of the first forging companies in North America to be TS16949 certified (now IATF16949), implementing ERP total solutions such as Plexus, and incorporating 6 Sigma oversight into process evaluation. Value added services are offered such as: Cleaning, Heat Treat, Coining, Cold Stamping, Magnetic Particle Inspection, and E-Coat.


Carbo Forge is a 100% Employee-Owned IATF16949 forging company that utilizes world class operating efficiencies to help our customers avoid interruptions in the pipeline. We supply quality parts, on-time, to global, mid-sized, and mdall companies so that they can supply, on-time, to their customers.


Inventory accessible to you, ahead of time, when you need it. We understand that sudden changes in demand can occur where parts are needed sooner than the agreed upon release date. Carbo Forge’s “On-Demand Inventory” initiative helps to put us in a position to be able to more easily accommodate these sudden changes in demand.


  • Up to 15-pound max (Gross Weight)
  • Hammer & Press Capabilities
  • IATF16949
    • Standard required to produce automotive parts.
  • Zero Defect Culture
    • Quality starts at the forging operator versus relying solely on visual inspection in secondaries.
  • Plex Systems, Inc.
    • Cloud based ERP system that centralizes manufacturing operations providing “one truth”.
  • Creaform 3D Scanner
    • Ability to quickly scan tooling and parts for dimensional verification.
  • 6 Sigma
    • Six Sigma Lean “Green Team” exists to eliminate and/or reduce variables.



Highly Skilled