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Carbo Forge provides steel forgings which offer certain distinct advantages over other applications.

Forging Strength - Grain flow assures superior strength, even at critical stress points. Tensile values in excess of 200,000 psi. High strength/weight ratios.

Forging Impact Resistance - Excellent.

Forging Surface Finish - Consistently excellent when machined.

Forging Machinability - Dependable. Near absence of internal defects. No surface inclusions.

Forging Dimensional Stability - Very high due to material uniformity and predictable heat-treatment response.

Forging Design Flexibility - Generally short lead times. Highly predictable shaping process. Designs not limited to balanced shapes. Broad size ranges.

Forging Production Factors - Low scrap, rejections rates. Simplified production. Some automated processes possible. Open-die and ring-rolling processes adapt to various production volumes. Readily fabricated. Ready to use without machining.

Forging Process Controls - Consistent part uniformity. Fewer process variables. Predictable heat-treatment response.

Forging Quality Controls - Simplified inspection procedures. Consistent integrity, part-to-part.



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